Customer Testimonials

2019 GMC Canyon 3.6L - Working great! MPGS increased from 19-20 to 26-28. Bill D., Washington

2012 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L - Installed and I can’t believe what a difference!! Dean P., Florida

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 V8-6.4L - I have seen a big increase in mileage in town. From 15.6 - 18 before the chip. Now with the chip 18- 22. Gary P., Arizona

2017 Kia Sorento 3.3L - Installed within 12 minutes - acceleration much better, gas mileage much better, shifting of transmission much better and getting better performance out of the car than before James B.

2010 Ford F 150 5.4L - Unequivocally an increase in performance as soon as it was installed! Instantaneous. Very pleased with the increase in power. Keith V, New Jersey

1996 Dodge Ram 5.9L - Working great!! Very happy. Dump truck with loads of dirt and the shifting was better and much more power. Ryan R., Michigan

2017 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L - I have installed the Tunesport chip in my 17 Tacoma and works great, felt power difference right away. Kerry V., Texas

2014 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins - 10k lb 4 wheel drive -21 mpgs up to 26.6 mpgs at 80 mph!!! Driving 60 hrs!! John B., Texas

2016 Nissan Altima 2.5L/2005 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L - Just got both of them installed today. '16 Nissan and '05 Dodge Ram. WOW... WHAT A DIFFERENCE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, DAN a very HAPPY customer.!!!!! Dan P., Colorado

2011 Kia Forte 2.0L - Since I installed this I grin every time I drive this car. I want to thank you very much. Richard N, Illinois

2016 Toyota Tundra 5.7L - Up to 16.7 mpg from 12-12.5! Dale S., Alabama

2001 7.3 Ford DIESEL F-250 - I bought this chip about a month ago.(1-24-13 now) This was an install on a 2001 7.3 Ford DIESEL F-250 with 165000 miles. I do however run a fuel and octane additive also. On the same evening I installed an air breather kit. YEAH THE BEST ONE OUT! K, something.... Anyway yesterday I had to KICK IT IN THE GUTS to get out on a highway. I forgot to mention this is a 4x4 with 39" tires & posi-trac & automatic tranny with O.D. All I can say is it worked and going into second gear it broke the tires loose. NEVER HAS MY TRUCK PERFORMED LIKE THIS! This was the forth tank of fuel also with an increase so far of 3.4 m.p.g. I AM HAPPY WITH THE PRODUCT AND THEIR HELPFUL SERVICE. T.C., Florida

2011 Dodge RAM 1500 2WD V6-3.7L - Thanks for chip! Drives accelerates pulls....finally! Added bonus....around town +2 mpg better! WORTH IT! Tom

You guys kick ass on service and communication... Thank you. John

2008 Chevrolet HHR - I installed one of your chips in my 2008 HHR. My mileage before installation was 24MPG after 300 miles it was up to 29MPG. I did, however, solder the unit in. This makes the best connection. Ralph, Texas

1997 Ford F 250 V8-7.5L - Have to say my wife is right ,"big things do come in small packages." I installed the chip in about ten minutes, waited the allotted time to reconnect battery, then took the first road test.WOOOOOWWW.....amazed with the immediate throttle response. Now I've reached the recommended three hundred mile computer readjustingperiod, as per the instructions, and began MPG testing. You were right with your estimated increases. Very happy with your product and have already recommended it to friends and family. Ralph, Arizona

2004 GMC Yukon V8-5.3L - Thank you I seem to be getting 3 to 5 more mpg. Awesome. Andy

1999 Chevrolet Corvette 5.7L - I don't know if it was me but i got on my corvette and the dash cover with windows closed flew off of the dash. Never had that happen before. Now i'll be back to driving regular!! Thanks! George

2011 GMC 1500 5.3L - I installed your performance chip on my 2011 GMC 1500 5.3L and I cannot tell you what a difference this chip has done to my truck. Was 15.3 MPG now it is 23.3 MPG and the horsepower - I step on it from dead stop at 60 feet and I was going 92 miles an hour - WOW. I have ordered 2 more - 1 for my brother's Dodge diesel and my friend's 2006 Chevrolet 1500 and a couple of my Military friends are ordering some too. By the way, I'm letting people here in New Mexico hear about this chip. THANK YOU SO MUCH "ARMY STRONG". Andrew, New Mexico

2005 Chevy Suburban V8-5.3L - I have now had the new chip in my truck for a week and I have seen the following improvements in MPG; Before installation of the chip: City 12.5 to 13.5 Hwy 17.5 to 18.5 With the Chip City 17.5 to 18.5 HWY 20.5 to 21.5 (and this might improve with increased hwy time) I am very pleased with the results. Thank You. Randy

2006 Toyota Tacoma - Oh by the way...the other one I got from you for my 2006 Tacoma 4 cyc. works flawlessly. I just returned off a trip and was getting 25.7 MPG, that's an increase of 6.2 MPG, and it's a blast to drive, it won't take long to payout @ $4.00 a gallon. Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to like results from my Jeep. A very satisfied customer... Steve

2010 Nissan Titan 5.6L - Put the chip in my 2010 Titan. Gas mileage increased from 13.8 to 17.2 using non ethanol gas. My truck is flex fuel capable but I only get 15 mpg when using fuel containing ethanol. Thanks Performance Chips Now! MV, Louisiana

Incredible!!! I purchased one of these units from you a couple weeks ago.When it arrived, I installed it in about 10 to 15 minutes. When I got in my Jeep and started it, I noticed an immediate improvement in responsiveness and a bit more power. How much? I'm not sure but I didn't care about the power. I wanted improved fuel mileage. Well, I checked my mileage last night and got in increase of about 8.3 miles per gallon. Well worth it. I have already told several people about it and will keep referring people to you. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L Jeff

Thank You for this phenomenal product. Performs as good if not better than described. All three vehicles (all 5.7 vortex engines one 4 wheel drive the others rear wheel drive) in three different climates (in three different states) shifting smooth in all terrains and climates with surprisingly improved gas milage. One Suburban 1997 Chevy 1500 model fully loaded with 1800 lbs got fantastic 19 miles per gallon on a 1600 mile MOVING trip from State of Washington (bordering Canada) to San Diego (bordering Mexico). A+ product and A+ fast and courteous customer service. Vehicles act like vehicles from the 1970s - acceleration greatly improved, goes into passing gear smoothly at the same time terrific gas milage as good if not better than the newer vehicles. Recommend this up to date product to update your system (just as you would update your computer). Nick, Washington

2002 Ford F 150 5.4L Rural driving 2+, city 3+ Gary W.

Thank you once again, have used the chips on 3 vehicles now. This will be the fourth. Each vehicle has seen good power increase and better fuel mileage and the engines are running smoother. I will be recommending your product and great customer service to everyone I know. 2011 Nissan Xterra 4.0L (2 vehicles) - 2001 Dodge Dakota 3.9L - 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 5.7L Shane, Oregon

2004 Chevy Suburban 5.3L Runs like a 427!! 7 mpg increase (17 mpg to 24 mpg!) Bill, Nebraska

I bought one for my '99 Honda Accord 2.3L and am getting 3 mpg better. T.P.

I purchased one of your chips for my wifes 2003 Honda Odyssey a little while back because she claimed it was getting terrible gas mileage compared to her last Odyssey, which was a 2001 model. I checked her mileage and it was what Honda claimed when they were fresh off the assembly line: 16 mpg in the city. So, I installed your chip and waited for over a month to check the mileage. I was thrilled! She is now getting 18.6 mpg/city driving!! Based on how many miles we put on that vehicle in a year, I figure it will save us about $600/yr. Or, it will pay for itself in a little over a month. Thanks PCN. I will soon be getting one for our Accord and Sonoma. Tim, South Carolina

2014 Chevy Camaro 3.6L I am very happy so far. I can feel a big difference in power and get 2 more mpg. Good product. Thank you. Terry, Maine

Tested the module, saw the difference after approx. 20 miles or so of driving; and definitely significant. I am a very happy customer. Thank you for the follow-up today, your customer service is very commendable. Cheers. 2000 Honda Prelude 2.2L Rudy, Texas

I drove my 2002 Mustang GT today, a day after installing chip. Runs a hell of a lot better and different. I noticed it almost instantly! No more hesitation when I accelerate, which is a major plus,engine runs like burst when it goes into second. Thanks a lot, really appreciate your product! R.R.

No question. I had my Tunesport installed last week. I have a 2012 Civic with a 1.8. I noticed a performance increase but mostly the mpg. Before the chip I got barely above 50 mpg now and then when using cruise control at 62 mph. Using the same gas and the same road I got 54.9 mpg after installation!!!! I read where some people don't think it works. Maybe they installed improperly. My car had to be stone cold. Tim, Washington

I got the chip in less time than I expected. I sent an email as to which wires. The answer was returned in less than 20 min. It was put on a 2006 Ford Explorer 4.6L. The veh was running at about 11.3/100km without a load. After I took a little drive of about 10 miles it dropped down to 9.4 and then went to 9.6. That converts to about 24.9 mpg to about 29-30 mpg. I figure at the current gas prices it is saving me about $15.00 per fill and that is better than a kick in the head. I don't think I can do much better than that. Dennis K., Alberta, Canada

I purchased the performance chip for my 1996 Chevy Tahoe LT and after installing within 24 hours it runs smoother, quick on the take. My Tahoe use to burn a lot of gas before i installed the chip and now I'm able to keep more money in my pocket for other things. Purchasing the performance chip was one of the best investments I could have ever done for myself. I say try it for yourself and you will see the difference. Victor, Virginia

I think your product is really showing it's worth. Had someone riding my tailgate on the on ramp this morning, thinking he was going to pass me before the merge lane... I swear I heard my tires chirp when I kicked it into passing gear to prove them wrong. 45 to 80 in the blink of an eye. Did not expect that much response, but Glad to know it's there. 2002 Chevy Avalanche V8-5.3L Ted, Alaska

I want to say, this is the 4th chip I have ordered from you. I'm impressed with the customer service you have shown with regards to getting me the right information. I have experienced a performance improvements in all the vehicles I have installed your product in, and can't say enough about this to my friends. 1993 Buick LeSabre 3.8L - 1997 Nissan Truck 2.4L - 1999 Saturn SC2 1.9L - 1993 Buick Century 3.3 Joseph, Washington

2012 Lincoln MKX 3.7L Runs great - better than I ever thought - raving about the chip! Rollin, Cleveland

Once again this is the third chip I have purchased and I'm tickled to death with the results. The chip has performed BETTER than advertised. Already have one on two other vehicles. They have paid for themselves is increased mileage. The increase in horespower is amazing. Call me one very happy customer. I recommend this product for anyone that has a vehicle. AWESOME 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.8L 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L 2000 Volkswagen Jetta L4-1.9L DSL Turbo Mike, Ohio

Bought and installed this chip for my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L. Super easy install...I am getting 4.6 more mpg all around....dyno results 31 more HP...almost hard to believe until I stepped on the will light up the tires through first and most of second!! Finally a product that actually works!! Great product - awesome results!! Side note - I raced a newer mustang...and I kept up with it in my MINIVAN.... the look I got was priceless! Travis S., Iowa

Just getting in touch to let you know I received my chip yesterday did the simple install - waited the allotted time to reconnect the battery then took a 60 mile drive. Before the chip I was getting 11.5 mpg- it now gets 17.5 at 60mph and I could feel the hp improvement right out of the gate. Great product - it performed better than I expected. Thx. 2010 Ford F 250 Super Duty 5.4L William S., North Carolina

I have put performance chips from in my 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo and my 1990 GMC K3500 and I have noticed an improvement in both gas mileage and power in both the Monte Carlo about 3 to 3 1/2 mpg and the GMC about 2 miles to the gallon (the GMC was getting about 12 mpg and is now 14 mpg or a touch better). I am very happy with this product. James A., Utah

I have installed these chips on three vehicles a 2008 Acura TL, 2003 Acura MDX, 2010 Toyota Corolla and all have responded very well. I have had increased fuel mileage (minimum 3+ MPG city; 7+ highway) and horsepower on all of them. I also just ordered my fourth for my 2003 GMC Sierra. I highly recommend this product, it has proven to be as stated and the customer service is top notch. Thanks. JP, Florida

2008 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L - Appreciate the help, and i'll keep telling people about you Dodge went from an average of 13.4 to 16.3. Thanks Fred, Florida

I like this chip for my Tiburon-GT 2004 I'm getting better gas milegae than before It increased by 3-5 mileage more !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!...........hyu Wayne, Washington

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 6.6L DSL Turbo +3mpg additional John, Kingsburgh

I bought the chip for my 2011 Mustang. First of all, the customer service was excellent. Second, the chip was easy to install. I sit at a desk all day and installed it in about 15 minutes. Third, I noticed an increase in my torque, while it somehow made my engine a little quieter. Lastly, the chip increased my gas milage by about 4-5%, and I drive my car hard. I can't recommend this chip enough. Quit thinking about it and buy it!!! 2011 Mustang 5.0L Chris, Florida

PerformanceChipsNow, I ordered a module for my 2009 Ford F150(PCN-314). The whole process was great!! Customer Service was excellent as well as Technical support! Any questions I had were answered with a 100% accuracy. GREAT PRODUCT!! Immediate difference in increased Horsepower & Torque. The installation of the module took 8 mins using the technical support I received. I couldnt have gone with a better company!!! Again, thank you so much for a great product!!!! Thanks again! J.C., Maryland

Chip installed. 10 minutes. I could not believe the immediate response. Performance improved. Runs smoother. Gas mileage up 3mpg. Unbelievable. 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder 1.8L Harry, New York

I talked my brother into getting a chip about 6 months ago. He has the smaller engine Yukon and struggled driving the Coquihalla highway to visit his son. He pulled a utility trailer with his John Deere Gator inside and his transmission was hunting on the 10 mile+ climb up from the snow shed. He would find himself in the "trucker" lane in low gear with some transports passing him. After installing the chip he breezes through the snow shed in 2nd gear and passes the transports in the middle lane!! Amazing difference and better fuel economy. Good job. Fred C.

Chip installed - went from 9 to 13-14 mpgs on 2013 Silverado 2500 6.0L as well as increased performance. Eugene, Pennsylvania.

When I installed the chip I noticed an immediate improvement in performance. Just made a trip and mileage has improved 2.2 miles a gallon. This is great. I have recommended your product to a number of friends. Again Thanks for your help. 1999 Ford F 150 5.4L Kelly, Oklahoma

Increased mileage by 4-5mpgs Phil, Pennsylvania

Amazing - running at peak performance. Very satisfied. Tony D., North Carolina

I wanted to tell you I purchased a module for my pickup that I installed a month ago and the gas mileage gain was 25%, the truck runs much smoother and is more responsive. Nice product. 2001 GMC Sierra 2500 8.1L Bill, Florida